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Reliable Industries Rental Agreement Contract

This page will appear after checkout so they will agree to the contract and waiver terms after checking out.

Reliable Industries, hereby called as Lessor, and undersigned party located at below address, hereby called as Lessee, agree to the terms of this agreement in regard to all equipment rented. The equipment being leased is {listofitems} specified in order {ordernumber} for the rental rate specified in order {ordernumber}. (An equipment trailer at the discounted rate of $50 per day may also be included in this agreement if machinery is being rented.)

This rental agreement is for the specified length of time, at the total daily rental rate per day, and inclusive of the equipment types contained in order {ordernumber}, and a deposit of {orderprice} is required in order to lease equipment.


Prices, equipment availability, and rental policies subject to change without notice.

Photo ID and/or Current Driver’s license is required at the time of pick-up.

You must be 18 yrs old or older to rent.

Individuals named on the contract are required to submit credit card information and a deposit at the time of reservation and/or rental.

Payment in full for the rental terms agreed upon is due at the time of reservation. A minimum of a week will be collected for longer rental terms greater than 7 days. Payments to be processed weekly in advance for the following week. (This includes the agreement of an operator).

Rental length may be granted an extension with ample notice and new contract terms which may include additional deposit monies.

Lessee is responsible for maintenance of the equipment such as greasing of pins and fittings. Rentals where the equipment is used for a period longer than 10 hours must follow the maintenance schedule attached (when applicable) and provide proof of service when necessary.

Reliable Industries reserves the right to refuse to any individual(s).

Rental length may be granted an extension with ample notice and new contract terms which may include additional deposit monies.


Before receiving equipment there will be a pre-rental inspection of equipment with pictures to be taken. There will also be an inspection of the equipment with pictures after equipment is returned. If any Damages, Repairs, Parts, etc. are needed, the lessor is responsible for the cost. Prior to leaving Reliable Industries, you are responsible for inspecting all equipment carefully and to bring any missing or damaged equipment to a team member's attention. Make sure any discrepancies are noted in the rental agreement. Failure to note any discrepancies may result in a fee for damaged or missing equipment. If needed, please ask a team member for assistance with inspection and/or instructions on how to properly set-up the equipment. This also includes watching any safety and/or maintenance videos that are made available to you through our website.

Please note that a Ford 350 or equivalent vehicle and a minimum 10K GVW trailer is required in order to pick up the machine. If the pickup vehicle does not meet this standard then the delivery charge for the equipment and trailer will be applied.

Lessee is responsible for maintenance of the equipment such as greasing of pins and fittings, etc. Any other repairs or damage caused by neglect or misuse of equipment while in lessee’s possession will be the responsibility of the lessee to repair prior to equipment return or they will be charged for the repairs and/or service costs. Cleaning Fee of $75 and Fuel Fees will apply if the equipment is not returned within the same condition that it was rented. Equipment must be refueled prior to returning the equipment. If the fuel is not returned at the same level we will charge the cost of fuel including a 50% surcharge on the fuel for inconvenience to the credit card on file.

*A credit card is to be on file with the Reliable Industries office to charge for repairs or additional deposits if the need may arise, parts and/or damages to equipment that has not been repaired, or fuel prior to the equipment being returned.*


I hereby agree that by renting this equipment and/or trailer from Reliable Industries that I accept liability for any damages or injury that may occur while using any of the equipment regardless of its condition rented from Reliable Industries. By signing this agreement, I understand that I am waiving my right to bring a court action to recover compensation or to obtain any other remedy for any injury to myself, my or others property, or my death, however caused, arising out of my negligent use of any equipment from Reliable Industries. This agreement holds harmless Reliable Industries DBA of Coombs Fencing LLC, and all members, owners and/or all affiliates of those companies.

I understand that there are inherent risks associated with operating this type of heavy machinery. I acknowledge that I have the necessary skills to use the above rented equipment properly. I also acknowledge that I will use the equipment in a safe manner that is not contrary to recommended use or manufacturers’ standards. I understand that equipment and safety devices are provided for my use such as seat belts. This includes properly securing equipment per DOT regulations for hauling. I agree that I will be solely responsible for proper use of safety and equipment. It is my responsibility to inspect all equipment including trailers, tires, light connections, chains, and tire pressure prior to use.


Late fees are assessed at 1.5 times the daily rate for each day if the equipment is not returned including holidays and closed dates. This is strictly enforced as it jeopardizes another person's ability to rent. Any late equipment affecting another person's rental will be charged the entire cost of the other rental


Cancellations made more than 24 hours before will receive 75% of the rental charges returned although charged a 25% restocking/cancellation fee.

Cancellations within 24 hours or less of scheduled pick-up will not receive any refund. 


Damage Waiver Fee is 12% of daily rate

Damage Waiver only covers up to $5000 of repairs. Any additional repairs/replacements/damages will be the responsibility of the lessee to be paid within 30 days of equipment being returned


Damage Waiver Fee is 12% of daily rate

$250 deposit on card which rental charges off the and the balance of original charge will be refunded to the card on file

Lessee shall indemnify and hold lessor harmless against any and all claims arising from Lessee’s use of the equipment which result in property damage and/or personal injury. Lessee shall be responsible for any costs associated with these issues.

DELIVERY CHARGES (tolls are not included and will be billed separately) 

10 miles included as a base fee

$3 per mile after the initial 10 miles

$45 each way for a base fee of $90

Please note: Where we drop off the equipment is where we pick up or additional charges will apply

If Reliable Industries is delivering equipment it will be at the cost specified and to the address specified in order {ordernumber}

Equipment Storage Address: {esa}

For equipment getting picked up. Please note: All heavy equipment should be loaded backwards to prevent tipping and damage to the equipment.  

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Waiver Agreement: I hereby declare that I am 18 years or older. I have read the above Rental Agreement Contract in full and agree to it in full.